3rd Generation Family-Owned Business

Dark Water Ranch LLC working under the Trade Name Black Goat Designs has built custom coops, cages, brooders and other related equipment for a long time. Not only do we build to sell, but we use this same equipment right here on our own farm. 




We also use this same equipment on our own farm so we understand the importance that it be well built, safe and secure. Because predators are also on the take for an easily obtained caged bird or rabbit.We use build to our products to last, unlike the the box store type equipment that literally falls apart as soon as you get it home. We believe that should not just look good but function good as well! 

If you don't see what you are looking for in our photo section ask, we can and do build most anything!

We have built waters and feeders as well as incubators from old fridge's.

Function & Appeal

Those box store coops and housing look nice at first glance. But as soon as you get them home they start to fall apart, boards slipping, and wire popping off.

We use quality wood, metal and wires to start with. You don't want to loose your poultry or rabbits to a predator due to cheap workmanship, or find it blown away in the first spring wind. 


1169 county street 1465

Ninnekah, OK 73067



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